Portable UV Germicida Disfection Lamp Bulb Light for Home Car Boat Marine Kill Mites Bacteria Odor and Virus


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Portable UV Germicidal Lamp

Feature :
1.Patented ultraviolet and ozone sterilization technology.
2.Active purification, 360 degrees without dead angle sterilization, bacteria, mites, odor, virus, tasteless, no side effects, no supplies, no need to add chemical reagents.
3.3.Use charging device, timing Settings.


Mode: TK-Y06
Input Power:DC5V/0.5A
Interface:Micro USB
Disinfection Method:UV + Ozone Dual-wavelength:185nm & 245nm
Battery Capacity:3.7V/700mAh
Disinfection Time:30 mins
Rated Power:2.5W
Color:White/Black Battery
Life:5-8 Cycles Per Charge
Applicable Area:<2㎡ (use more lamp for larger area)
If you need the lab report of the UV lamp please feel free to contact us.

Operating Instruction
1.After pressing the key for 3 seconds, the UV lamp will be lit, and the switch indicator is blue. The working time
of the lamp tube is 30mins, UV lamp and indicator will automatically shut down.
2.When the battery is out of power, the UV lamp does not light .It need to be charged by 5V mobile charger and
a USB charging cable.The indicator will be red when charging.
3.When the battery is fully charged, the indicator will be greem.

When the UV light is on, people and animals please stay away in order to avoid UV damage to the skin and eyes .
Please close the door when it works in small spaces, so hat oxygen ion can deep effect thorough disinfection.

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